Hybrid Mattress Sale

Brighter mornings with Inofia Mattresses. Designed for your perfect Sleep.


10"&12"Luxury Memory Foam 

Innerspring Hybrid Mattress


10" Premium White Memory Foam

Hybrid Mattress


12" Luxury Hybrid Mattress with 

Bamboo Waterproof Protector


8" & 12" Essentials Innerspring Gel 

Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


12" Gel Memory Foam 

 Hybrid Mattress | Coolvie


10" Gel Memory Foam 

Hybird Mattress | Coolvie


12" Hybrid Mattress with Gel Memory 

Foam Responsive Coils


Best Hybrid Foam Mattress

The Inofia mattress combines memory foam with individually wrapped springs to provide sleepers with both bounce and edge support. The coil offers elasticity and great body support, while the comfort layer contours to the body, targeting pressure points for a comfortable sleep surface.

Available in twin, twin xl, full, queen and king size.