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Multilayer foam


  • Premium stretch-knit cover is made of a special fabric dissipates heat

  • Cooling top layer foam that contours your body for comfort all night

  • Pressure-relieving support for all sleepers and body types


UP To $200 USD OFF


Foam + spring hybrid


  • Premium foam meets springs for advanced comfort and support

  • Pocket springs provide edge-to-edge support, durability and stability

  • Knitted fabrics for skin friendly and super breathable


UP To $170 USD OFF


Memory foam


  • Adapt and conform to your body for pressure relief

  • Skin-friendly fabrics for dispersing body heat,High comfort

  • Avoid motion waves, no disturbing when sleeping


New Product Recommendation

Proudly made in USA. Perfect workmanship. Not too soft nor too firm, just right. Well get the targeted, adaptive support. Ideal for reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners.

The New Mattress

This hybrid mattress will bring you dreamy comfort-right here.

  • Newly patented wrapped coils constructed the zoned support system. Over 1,000 micro-coils provide 25% more support than traditional spring systems.

  • The Zoned Coil System ensures you get the targeted, adaptive support you need for your most restorative sleep. Ideal for reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners.

  • Copper-infused foam actively wicks heat away from the body then regulates your core temperature for the most natural sleeping environment.

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Designed To Be Placed On Any Surface


Feb 13, 2020

A good life starts with a high-quality mattress 

I changed to a big bed in the new year and I just saw this double mattress . After using it for nearly a month , I feel it is verycomfortable and soft , with good breathability , and I will not feel stuffy all night long , making my sleep quality better andbetter . Both the middle position and the support of the eaves are very good and there is no feeling of collapse


Feb 20,2020

Exactly what you'd expect 

I honestly didn't think the mattress was going to be the right size when I saw it in the shrink wrap It plopped up to full size almost instantly though ! I was skeptical about the idea of a bed in a box but I'm happy with this purchase . I opted for the 10" version and I bought a good pillow-top mattress topper to protect the mattress and add comfort with the money I'would have spent on the extra 2 of foam . The mattress is semi firm ( i am 5"10" and weigh 145 Ibs ) but the foam layers are really comfortable and the topper makes this bed a cloud

Philip Levin

Apr 02,2020

great value and portability

was worried about buying a mattress without trying it out in a shop . I was also worried that a foam mattress would be too hot and too mushy . However , the hybrid of foam and springs make this a perfect mattress . Great support , a nice bounce , and very comfortable , It inflated to its full capacity within a few hours of opening and I really liked that it came in an easy-to-move box It is perfect for either back or side sleeper because the foam conforms without constricting movement . My one piece of advice is that the mattress gets much heavier after unboxing , so make sure to open it on top of the bed frame or box spring , or it will be more difficult to move once it expands .


Mar 28,2020

Best mattress I ever owned 

I had this mattress for about a week now and it's the best mattress I've ever owned . If I fall asleep on my back I wake upon my back if I fall asleep on my side I wake up on my side no more tossing and turning all night . I wake up well rested This mattress is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anybody . It's very comfortable

Alexander Makarchuk

Mar 06,2020

Great customer service and support

Soon after start using the mattress side that was used started to sag Contacted the manufacturer through email . They have sent replacement mattress which I started to use 72 hours after it came to give coils time to adopt . As per manufacturer request . After just a few nights coils became soft on the side ' m using . Don't know if it faulty coils or the manufacturing design . Inofia promises to issue Money back as per conversation . At least they have great customer support 

Shelly babb

Feb 09, 2020

Great mattress for the money ! Very comfortable

This bed was well with the money ! Sleeps like a dream . We ordered a twin xl for a 4 seasoned porch . We do not sleep on it every night , but so far it is really comfortable and we didn't have any problems with the immediate inflation the day we opened the mattress out of its packing ! So far we would recommend this mattress

NY Annie

Mar 03,2020

Skeptic No More

I was skeptical about purchasing a vacuum packaged matress . However , after having slept on it for the last couple of months , and even after the first few days I have to say that it is so much more comfortable than my regular mattress ever was and has just as good support for my back , if not better support than my regular mattress . I am very happy with it .


Mar 09, 2020

One of the favorite mattresses we've ever bought

It's super comfortable . Both my husband and I like sleeping on it . We later bought a king mattress , but we usually opt tostay in this queen because it's so much more comfortable . Weve spent a year and a half traveling , and we are really happyto have this comfy mattress to sleep on ! No smell out of the box . 72 hours to let it fully " inflate and it's perfect .

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We at Inofia bring you various mattress options to choose from. Be it a hybrid mattress, a memory foam mattress, or a folding mattress we have something for your every need. We believe in providing the best quality mattress that helps in providing the perfect support that you are looking for in a mattress. You can go through our current sale offers that will ensure that you get desired mattress comfort within the budget.


It usually depends upon the quality of the mattress that you buy. In case if you buy a high-density foam mattress from the manufacturer then it will be lasting somewhere around 5-7 years.

If you wish to have a mattress that has a sinking feeling like that of a memory foam mattress and also wish to get good support like that of a traditional mattress then a Hybrid mattress is one great option that you can prefer.

The folding mattresses are usually inherently thin which is why they are easy to fold and compress. If you are planning to buy one then ensure that the size that you have chosen an ideal-sized folding mattress for maximum comfort.

Cleaning a mattress is one task that many people neglect and end up using some fabric damaging soaps and cleansers to clean which isn’t the right way to do it. Thus, always make sure the cleanser or technique that you use to clean does not harm the fabric of the mattress.