• This mattress is the most comfortable one that I have been on. It is soft at first but then when you lay down it turns a bit firm so that it isn’t very soft. It is the perfect balance between softness and firmness.


  • I very satisfy.I  ordered this to see if it would help my back pain in the mornings. I have been sleeping on a high end traditional spring pillow top mattress for years. After three nights on the mattress my morning back pain is virtually gone and I sleep through the night. I highly recommend this hybrid mattress.

    Tina Sanchez

  • I purchased this to replace a 25 year old mattress and it fits the budget and my queen bed just right. I places it over the original box springs and was impressed with the firmness and quality. The edge was a little softer than the old one but I'm a heavy guy and it really isn't an issue anyway. There was a slight odor for just a day. I just opened the windows in the room and turned on the ceiling fan and that was all it needed.

    Fred C. Taylor

  • I bought the twin XL and have been sleeping on it for 1 week. I am older and have much back discomfort from my old mattress. After 1 week I have very reduced back discomfort. The mattress is a pure delight. For the money I just don't think you could do better. It is not hot, it supports all back areas, you can sleep on side, back, or stomach and the result is the same. If you shopping just go for it you will like this mattress

    Benjamin E