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Multilayer foam


  • 3 layers of premium foam and super breathable

  • Cooling top layer foam that contours your body for comfort all night

  • Pressure-relieving support for all sleepers and body types


UP To $199 USD OFF


Foam + spring hybrid


  • Premium foam meets springs for advanced comfort and support

  • Pocket springs provide edge-to-edge support, durability and stability

  • Knitted fabrics for skin friendly and super breathable


UP To $299 USD OFF


Foam + dual spring hybrid


  • Premium Cooling Copper Adaptive Spring Hybrid Support Systerm

  • Support of pocket springs and Adaptive Foam

  • A sustainable cover: organic cotton, Merino wool & recycled fiber


New product recommendation

Proudly made in USA. Perfect workmanship. Not too soft nor too firm, just right. Well get the targeted, adaptive support. Ideal for reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners.

The new mattress

This hybrid mattress will bring you dreamy comfort-right here.

  • Newly patented wrapped coils constructed the zoned support system. Over 1,000 micro-coils provide 25% more support than traditional spring systems.

  • The Zoned Coil System ensures you get the targeted, adaptive support you need for your most restorative sleep. Ideal for reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners.

  • Copper-infused foam actively wicks heat away from the body then regulates your core temperature for the most natural sleeping environment.

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Inofia Hybrid Mattress

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We at Inofia bring you various mattress options to choose from. Be it a hybrid mattress, a memory foam mattress, or a folding mattress we have something for your every need. We believe in providing the best quality mattress that helps in providing the perfect support that you are looking for in a mattress. You can go through our current sale offers that will ensure that you get desired mattress comfort within the budget.


It usually depends upon the quality of the mattress that you buy. In case if you buy a high-density foam mattress from the manufacturer then it will be lasting somewhere around 5-7 years.

If you wish to have a mattress that has a sinking feeling like that of a memory foam mattress and also wish to get good support like that of a traditional mattress then a Hybrid mattress is one great option that you can prefer.

The folding mattresses are usually inherently thin which is why they are easy to fold and compress. If you are planning to buy one then ensure that the size that you have chosen an ideal-sized folding mattress for maximum comfort.

Cleaning a mattress is one task that many people neglect and end up using some fabric damaging soaps and cleansers to clean which isn’t the right way to do it. Thus, always make sure the cleanser or technique that you use to clean does not harm the fabric of the mattress.