Are Pocket Springs Better than Mattresses?

February 11, 2022

Sleeping well at night can make you feel refreshed and energized the next day. But, many sleepers feel their mattress fail to offer pressure point relief. In such cases, you can choose a pocket spring mattress. The coil system of this mattress moves with your body shape and weight. Do you wish to know more? Read ahead: 

About Pocket Spring Mattresses

The pocket springs contain individual springs that remain in specific areas of the mattress. Compared to other mattresses, pocket springs can respond well to pain triggered due to pressure points. They seem firm. So, it is ideal for people wishing for a supportive mattress. Here are some of the features making spring mattresses the best choice:

No Movement Transfer

The pocket springs react independently. So, there is zero movement transfer. It is the best choice when you have a partner twisting and turning all night. 

Firm Mattress

The mattress has a level of firmness across its entire surface. The individually-enclosed pocket springs can provide consistent tension. So, it helps you to get a comfortable sleep.

Pain And Pressure Relief

The pocket spring mattress offers support to the entire body. Hence, the mattress may not feel uncomfortable to sleep. Each spring tries to support the body, including areas having pressure such as hips and shoulders. It offers pain and pressure relief in such areas. It is the reason why experts recommend pocket spring mattresses to orthopedic patients suffering from hip and shoulder problems.

Extreme Comfort

Pocket springs are high-end mattresses with high-quality upper layer foam. So, it makes the mattress soft to touch. You can sleep well at night on this mattress ensuring extreme comfort.

Supports Different Body Shapes And Sizes

Anyone can sleep well on a pocket spring mattress. These mattresses support people of any body shape or size. Partners who have notable size differences can opt for this mattress to get a good night’s sleep. The pocket springs provide everyone with the level of comfort needed for a sound sleep. With pocket spring mattresses, you may not have to worry about the mattress each person prefers. Instead, one mattress will suit the needs of different types of people as it adjusts to the body.


When you purchase the pocket springs mattress from a reputed mattress brand, you get the top-of-the-line product that fulfills its promise. By following the care and maintenance suggestions provided by the mattress company, the mattresses can last for more than a decade.

As mentioned earlier, to enjoy the benefits of pocket springs mattresses, you need to choose a reputed brand. Are you looking for such a brand? Then, Inofia mattress is the right choice. The mattresses with the best design will help you sleep well. It has a seven-zone ergonomic support base with a removable quilted cover for making you feel comfortable. Also, you can take the 100-nights test to come to a decision. If you fail to feel satisfied, you can return the product and get the money back. This feature makes Inofia mattress unique from others. Test it now to know the difference. Sleep well on the best mattress for feeling energized and rejuvenated the next day.

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