Amazing Ways to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

June 09, 2022

Everyone wants to increase the life of the mattress and keep it in original shape, but sometimes it's not possible. If you use the below given tips, you can make it possible. Check the details below:

Mattress support is important:

If your mattress does not have the right support, it may be hard for you to preserve material integrity.

Solid firm support and box springs can prove helpful. Your beds should also have a frame to support weight of the mattress and sleepers as well.

Mattress protector:

If you want to protect the longevity of your mattress, then you can use a waterproof and quality protector to save against dirt, debris, dust and spills.  Build-up of molds can take place if you do not use it. Dust particles and messy things can pass into sheets' mattresses, which is hard to notice. You can find different types of protectors designed with different materials in the market. You can choose one as per the size and height of your mattress.

Wash blankets and bed-sheets weekly:

You should wash the mattress protector, linen and blankets once every week in order to keep your mattress clean and bacteria-free. You should do whatever is required to keep your mattress clean. Its good to avoid eating in the bed as tiny crumbs or food particles can attract bugs that can pass into the mattress and cause some damage to it.

Not to jump on the mattress:

You should avoid jumping on the bed as it may damage your mattress and beds too. Foams and frames can be damaged if you jump. Bouncing on the bed is not good for your mattress and put unnecessary pressure on the bed.  If you do it frequently, it can obviously damage your mattress.  However, some new mattress types are designed with different and specific layers that do not require rotating more frequently.

Rotating your mattress can be helpful:

You should not forget to rotate your mattress on a regular basis, no matter what size and what type of mattress you have.  Flipping and rotating can prove helpful, and you should do it every 3 or 4 months.

Vacuum mattress:

You should vacuum your mattress once or twice a year to prevent the build-up of allergens, dust mites and mess.  This is how you can keep your mattress clean and safe from bugs and other allergens.

Make mattress transportation safe:

If you are moving, then make sure you transport it in the safe and proper manner.  You should wrap it in a cover or plastic to keep it safe during transportation.  This is all about taking the required steps at the right time.

Cleaning, vacuuming and maintenance are required to make the mattress long-lasting and good and suitable to use.


If you want a durable mattress, then you should buy one from a reputed supplier that offers a warranty on such products. It is also important to follow above given tips to keep your mattress safe and durable.

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