10 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

January 24, 2022

Beginning from cleaning to prevention, little maintenance, as well as care, could go a long way in ensuring the shape of the mattress for years to come. After investing in the best mattress there are chances of you expecting it to provide comfy sleep on it for years to come. An average mattress can last from 5 to 10 years or more, but when it is adequately maintained then the shortening or lengthening of the mattress will be possible. 

You should be aware of environmental factors and know the ways of caring for a bed so that the mattress is clean and healthy and could provide comfortable sleep as long as viable. 

If you want to understand how you could keep the mattress in good condition longer then you should read below. We have mentioned the 10 ways in which the mattress could last longer. 

  1. Make sure that the mattress is adequately supported- Though you would always need to purchase the matching spring or foundation for the mattress, it is necessary to have adequate support for the same. It helps to preserve the integrity of the material and prevent early wear. You must check with the manufacturer or have a look at the warranty for the recommendations. The box springs are used with spring mattresses and the speciality mattresses would need solid & firm support.
  2. Using the protector from starting- You should use the mattress protector from starting. The protectors can make the mattress last longer. They are the best and simple way of protecting the longevity of the bed. Good quality mattresses would offer waterproof protection and would prevent and guard spills, accidents and much more. Also dust, dirt is reduced. Even the protector would protect materials within the bed and is something that is for every household.
  3. Was the bed linens regularly- As you sleep you are shedding hair, oils and others. If you eat in bed then there are chances of you leaving the crumbs and pets tracking in all sorts of things. In addition, all of this could get within the layers of the mattress, breeding the bacteria while also encouraging the dust. The bed sheets should be washed weekly for hygiene and for ensuring the life of the mattress.
  4. Get the pets the separate beds- If you have pets then for them to snuggle in you should arrange separate beds. This would keep your mattress comfortable and clean.
  5. Rotate mattress on regular basis- The rotation of the mattress would help with the mattress. Rotation would not only lead to even wear but would make depression and softening in one area less likely.
  6. You should not jump on the bed- You must not jump on the bed. The mattress should be adequately taken care of.
  7. You should move the mattress carefully- As you move you protect the mattress from damage by encasing it within the plastic and by not bending or folding it. 

Apart from this 

  1. You should not bring home unwanted hitchhikers
  2. Let light touch your bed regularly
  3. Follow the cleaning instructions 

When these 10 steps are done then your mattress will last longer.

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