What is the best mattress size for me?

May 14, 2021

Do you know selecting the wrong mattress size is the most common mistake people make while buying one for their room? Most of them end up buying a smaller one than their bed size and thus don’t enjoy their full bed size. A well-fitted mattress adds grace to your bedroom décor and comfort in your lives. But the question is which size will be the most suited for you, and we understand that it’s a mind-boggling task. So we will walk you through various mattress sizes that will help you can to pick the perfect one for your space.

Twin Size Mattress – (Measuring 39x75 inches) –

It works great for people who live alone and are of average height. Most suites for college dorms, children’s bedrooms, New York-style small apartments, and sometimes even day beds near the window. While doing your kid’s room or your tiny apartment, adding this mattress will give enough room space for a study desk and a wardrobe. But do not go for it if you toss and stretch too much during your sleep.

Full-Size Mattress - (Measuring 54x75 inches) –

Are you in a fix about which mattress to buy for the single you, which gives you enough room to unwind and stretch during your sleep? Well at 54 in inches width, i.e., 15 inches more than the twin size, a full-size mattress gives you ample space for your full body moves during sleep hours. But this mattress is not apt for couples as it gives less space in-between. The good thing is that the length is the same as the twin-size mattress.   

Queen Size Mattress - (Measuring 60x80 inches) –

This could be your first mattress as a couple, especially if you both like to snuggle. This roomier mattress is crafted for master bedrooms that have wide spaces for large beds. It is wide but still doesn’t live much space for couples to do full-body movements while sleeping. It’s wonderfully suited to singles who like to spread themselves at night. Queen-size is good if your friend sometimes comes for a sleepover at your place.

King Size Mattress - (Measuring 76x80 inches) –

This is just fit for a king! Go for it if you have a palatial bedroom to enjoy. It is the biggest mattress size that brings ample space for both of you to toss and turn during sleep time. The mattress is wide enough to allow extra room for a kid, a pet dog/cat, or any other family member. But before buying it do keep in mind the size of your bedroom.

California Size Mattress - (Measuring 72x84 inches) –

Maybe you or your spouse is blessed with a height of an NBA player, and so this 7 feet long bed will be the best option for that comfortable lying down.  California is nothing but the shaving of 4 inches from width and adding 4 inches to the length for taller individuals.

Do keep these tips in your mind when you set out to select your mattress to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary.