What is a Memory Foam Mattress? – The Ultimate Buying Guide

October 07, 2019

What is a Memory Foam Mattress? – The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you’re sick and tired of tossing and turning at night, waking up with a bad back and a stiff neck, and generally feeling tired and miserable through a lack of sleep, it might be time to invest in a new mattress. When it comes to buying a new mattress, it’s vital that you take your time, that you do your research, and that you know what it is that you’re supposed to be looking for. There are so many cheap and inferior mattresses out there, that, even though you may think you’re getting a bargain, it will ultimately wind up causing more harm than good. More and more people are investing in memory foam mattresses, and hybrid memory foam mattresses and they’re never looking back. Here’s a look at the ultimate memory foam mattress buying guide.

First off, what is memory foam?

Memory foam is a material that is now synonymous with sleep, particularly when it comes to mattresses and pillows. Surprisingly, though, memory foam wasn’t initially designed with mattresses in mind at all. Instead, it was designed with astronauts in mind and was widely used by NASA, way back in the 1970s. It wasn’t designed to be used in spacesuits, or in zero-G training as some sources claim, but rather, it was designed to serve as a safety feature, to help the pilots in the event of a crash. Memory foam is made from a material that is visco-elastic. This enables it to conform to the natural curvature and shape of the human body, whilst also isolating motion more efficiently. Manufacturers soon noticed how incredibly comfortable the material was, and instead of using it for safety, they began looking for ways of using it for comfort instead. Soon, mattress manufacturers began using the material in their mattresses, and the end results including some of the most comfortable mattresses in existence.

Is all memory foam the same?

Since the 1970s, it’s safe to say that memory foam has come to a heck of a long way. Often, you’ll find that good quality mattress, such as the Inofia memory foam mattresses, utilize different layers of memory foam to create the most comfortable mattresses you could wish for.

Traditional memory foam – First off there’s traditional memory foam, which has been around in the mattress world since the 90s. This memory foam helps to absorb heat and to absorb pressure placed on the joints. It is great in the winter, but in the summer if you get too hot, it might not be ideal.

Open-cell memory foam – Up next there’s open-cell memory foam. This memory foam is great for people that dislike feeling as if they are sinking into their mattresses. It has a much quicker response time and it helps to disperse heat more efficiently.


Gel memory foam – Often you’ll also find a layer of gel memory foam in mattresses and hybrid mattresses nowadays and for good reason. Gel memory foam is the best material for dispersing body heat and is ideal for regulating body temperatures. Basically, a gel is infused into the foam, offering superior body temperature regulation, along with fantastic shock absorption and pressure relief. If you’re wondering how it works, if you imagine a gel ice pack, that’s a rough idea of what gel memory foam is, except obviously, it doesn’t go in the freezer.

gel-memory-foamIf you want to know more about memory foam, you can click on Wikipedia to see the most authoritative information.

Things to consider when buying a memory foam mattress

Now that we know a little more about what memory foam mattresses are, we’re now going to look at a few things to consider before you buy a memory foam mattress.

Soft or firm – When it comes to getting to sleep, we all have our own unique preferences regarding softness, or firmness, of our mattresses. If you prefer a soft mattress, it’s worth trying a few mattresses beforehand and seeing whether or not they meet your standards. The same principle applies to a firm mattress. The good news is that there are varying levels of softness and firmness, so you can find the perfect density for you.

Do you get hot at night? – Some people find themselves getting very warm in bed at night, even during colder periods of the year, and this is something you need to consider when buying a memory foam mattress. If you buy a traditional memory foam mattress, you’ll likely find that the mattress itself is too hot for you, because it absorbs heat from your body, rather than displacing it. Ideally, you’ll want a layered memory foam mattress, or a layered hybrid memory foam mattress, complete with an open-cell layer and a gel foam layer to help air circulate and to keep you nice and cool as you sleep.


Hybrid or no hybrid? – A hybrid mattress, like the best-selling Inofia hybrid twin memory foam mattress, is a mattress complete with various layers of memory foam, along with a layer of individual mattress pocket springs which help to offer additional support and motion transfer when you sleep. If you find yourself dealing with back pain, neck pain, hip pain, or just aches in general, a hybrid mattress may offer more support than a memory foam mattress.


Price – When it comes to buying a mattress, you really do get what you pay for. If you buy the cheapest mattress that you can find, don’t be shocked when it collapses and causes aches and pains a few months after purchase. This doesn’t mean that you should look for the most expensive mattresses on the market either, but just try not to buy the cheapest, because ultimately it’s only you that will suffer, and you’ll end up spending more when you have to replace it a year or two later anyway.

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