What Characterizes Memory Foam Mattresses as the Best Mattresses for Joint Pain?

May 13, 2021

Joint pains cause discomfort and make sleep difficult for the people suffering from it. The joints experience inflammation and this continuous pain creates sleep deprivation and doesn’t let the person enjoy his daily life. Chronic pain whether of the back or knee drains out satisfaction from all aspects of life. One relief can come to them in the form of a well-suited mattress that helps in reducing joint pain and improving the quality of sleep.  As, if sleep improves, the quality of life improves as well.

A Memory Foam Mattress is the best option for people with joint pain because –

  • Pressure-relieving qualities – A memory foam mattress is an intelligent product that contours to the curves of the body, supporting the heavier parts of the body and filling in the gaps between you and the mattress. This gives much-needed support to your painful joints while you sleep.
  • Classic Memory – The best thing with a memory form mattress is that it has classical memory of your body shape and sleeping pattern. The more you sleep on it, the better the contouring will be and your body will sink in at the right level. This will relax your nerves and drive you to a sound sleep.
  • Airy options of gel and copper-infused foams – To erase the pitfall of heat-trapping within the mattress, now memory foam mattresses come with gel foams and copper-infused foams. These new types of foams make the mattress circulate more air and keep you cool while you go into your sleep dream world. This will aid people with joint pain with getting a relaxed sleep and thus ease their pain.
  • Good for side sleepers – This type of mattress gives good support to the shoulders of side sleepers. Moreover, if you have shoulder or ankle pain, it will put your muscles at ease.
  • Hybrid memory foam option and smooth movements – An innerspring base is combined with memory foam layers giving you the perfect combination for relieving pressure from your joints. This type is a responsive mattress and facilitates smooth movement while sleeping which is important for joint pain patients to avoid stiffness.
  • Skin-friendly fabric – The textiles used in manufacturing memory foam mattresses are of high-end quality that is very comfortable and smooth against your skin. Many mattress companies even cover the mattress with organic fabric to make it more breathable against human skin. When your skin is comfortable, your sleep is proper and this reduced joint pains.
  • Movement isolation – If your partner turns and tosses while sleeping, then the memory foam mattress will stop the jerks from reaching your side. For a person suffering from joint pains such sudden jerks while sleeping will adversely affect the level of pain and lead to sleep deprivation.

A good supporting mattress will help people with joint pain in achieving optimal sleep comfort and good health. One important aspect to keep in mind is to change the mattress when it deteriorates. A worn-out uncomfortable mattress will aggravate the pain instead of minimizing it.