What are Hybrid Mattresses? – A Buying Guide

October 10, 2019

What are Hybrid Mattresses? – A Buying Guide

All of the time in the world of mattresses, do we hear the words ‘memory foam’ and ‘hybrid’, and for good reason. These materials and products are amongst the absolute best of the best when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, though knowing what to choose can make life extremely difficult. You see, getting a good night’s sleep is easy for some, and an enormous challenge for others. It’s typically those that have an old, sagging, collapsed, and uncomfortable mattress that struggles to sleep at night, and as you know, a lack of sleep makes everything harder than it needs to be. On the other side of the coin, those that are fortunate enough to have a comfortable and supportive mattress, find that getting to sleep is as easy as counting sheep. Hybrid mattresses are hugely popular at the moment, and it’s easy to understand why. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about hybrid mattresses.

What are hybrid mattresses?

To help get the ball rolling today, we’re going to bring you up to speed on what hybrid mattresses really are. Put very simply, hybrid mattresses combine coil-based support, with memory foam, providing an all-in-one hybrid mattress which is a combination of the two. You see, years ago, mattresses were typically all coil spring-based. Then, along came memory foam, and you found that some mattresses were made purely of memory foam. Whilst both types of mattresses had their benefits, they also had their drawbacks, which is why hybrids were created. Hybrid mattresses basically combined the two together in order to provide you with the best of both worlds. Basically hybrid mattresses provide multiple layers of memory foam, including the different types of memory foam such as open-cell, gel-infused, comfort support foam, and so on, with a layer of individual coils, or springs. This means that sleep gets that unmistakable feel of comfort and support from the memory foam, with the trademark bounce and the sturdy and supportive feel of the layer of springs.


Why combine the two?

Coil spring mattresses have been popular for centuries, and plenty of people have managed to sleep perfectly fine with them, so why mess with something that wasn’t broken? At the same time, if coils weren’t for you, memory foam mattresses also proved to be warm and comfortable, so again, why would a memory foam mattress need a layer of coils? Well, first, we need to understand the different qualities of both materials. Coils are renowned for their ability to give mattresses a firm and ‘springy’ feel, whilst also helping to add a layer of support to the sleeper. The trouble with springs is that over time they can become squeaky, they can snap and damage the mattress, and they provide pretty awful motion transfer. If you sleep alone, this is perfectly fine, but if you sleep with a partner, it can turn your mattress into the equivalent of a trampoline.

Memory foam mattresses were created to provide pressure relief as the foam contours and molds itself around your body. On top of that, it helps to counteract motion transfer, which means that, if you sleep with a partner, the entire mattress won’t move and bounce. On the downside, memory foam can be too soft for some people, and it can make sleepers feel as if they are sinking into the mattress. On top of that, some memory foam can also be too hot as it doesn’t disperse heat unless it is a gel-infused or open cell. By combining the two, you get all of the benefits, and you cancel out the disadvantages.

What are the different components of a hybrid mattress?

So, now that we know what hybrid mattresses are, let’s now take a look at the different components that tend to make up hybrid mattresses. These are:

A base layer – The base layer is typically made of strong and durable foam. It is usually around 1-inch in thickness and is designed to offer stability, support, comfort, and sturdiness.

A base layer

Coil support – Next up, there is usually a layer of coiled support springs. Each of these coils works individually, allowing perfect weight displacement and support when you lay in bed. These give the mattresses the bulk of their height, at around 7 – 8 inches. The coiled springs are pocket wrapped and help give the mattresses their ability to provide additional spinal support.

Coil support

Comfort layer – As you can guess from the name, this layer is all about comfort. After all, when you’re in bed, it’s vital that you’re comfortable, otherwise, you won’t sleep. Here, you will rest of cushioned layers of foam, gel-infused cooling foam, latex, and other soft and comforting materials roughly 3 – 4 inches in height.

Comfort layer

Pillow top – Most hybrids have a soft and comforting pillow top layer. This layer is either sewn onto the top of the hybrid mattress, or they can be removed. Inofia hybrid mattresses feature hypoallergenic pillow tops so you needn’t worry about dust, dust mites, and other allergens disrupting your sleep.
Pillow top
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