Top 12 Tips for Buying a Queen Hybrid Mattress

June 03, 2022

Nothing can beat the comfort of a hybrid mattress. You get the twin benefit of a relaxing contouring cool surface of memory foam and the ease of a bouncy innerspring. Buying it will improve your sleep and help to maintain your activeness.  

There are many benefits to hybrid mattresses leading to confusion about which type to go for. This article discusses the Top 12 tips for buying a hybrid mattress that suits you best. 

Here we go – 

  1. Measure Bed Size – Before buying the mattress, you have to measure your bed size properly to buy the perfect fit.  
  1. Thickness of Comfort Layer – It is the topmost layer of the mattress where you sleep. The job of this layer is to contour according to your body form and relieve pressure from joints. Find a mattress that has this layer 2 inches thick as it will be of the right firmness. 
  1. Thickness of Support Layer and Pocketed Coir- This mattress layer keeps your body from sinking in the bed, and thus it should be not less than 50% of the total depth of the mattress. In this layer, the innerspring has the pocketed coil support layer too.  
  1. Decide on Type of Foam – You should choose foam type according to your need, and we are here to guide you.

 Latex Foam – It’s best if you like all-natural foam made of sap from the rubber tree. It naturally cools itself and is responsive to your body pressure. Good for hot climates.

  • Dunlop – This latex foam is eco-friendly, dense, and durable. Go for it if the budget is low.
  • Talalay – It will suit you if you want a bouncy and more breathable latex foam mattress to relax you. 
  • Open-Cell Memory Foam – The whole mattress has tiny pockets all over which circulate air and thus is more breathable. The mattress takes away your body heat and keeps you cool during your sleep.
  • Gel-based Memory Foam – The thin layer of gel micro-beads adds to the breathability of the mattress. Good for hot places.
  • Plant-based Memory Foam – It is eco-friendly. And it is lower in VOCs – a chemical emission that can cause headaches.
  1. Coil Count– A bigger king size hybrid mattress will have more coil count, and a smaller one will have less. But there is always a perfect number bracket for a given size. Like for a queen size mattress, this bracket is from 500 to 1000 coils.  
  1. Coil Gauge/Thickness - Opt for a 12 to 13 gauge coil if you want a firmer mattress, and if you desire a more flexible one, go for a 15 on the scale.  
  1. Edge Support – The right and left sides of a good quality queen-size hybrid mattress has more coil count for support. This attribute prevents you from falling off your bed.
  2. Soft Mattress – This mattress does not give lifting support. The level of firmness required depends upon your body type and sleeping pattern. If you are petite and a side sleeper, a soft mattress will suit you. 
  1. Medium Soft – This mattress will suit an average-weight person a little firmer than the soft one. 
  1. Medium – It is in-between soft and firm and is suited for couples. People who change sleeping positions throughout the night also find it suitable. Suitable for a heavyweight person too. 
  1. Medium Firm – It is a perfect fit for heavy persons and back sleepers. It is even good for people suffering from back pain. 
  1. Firm – It suits plus-size people and stomach sleepers. 

Keeping these above points will help you get the perfect queen-sized hybrid mattress for your bedroom. We at offer you a wide variety of these mattresses.