Top 10 tips for Buying Mattresses Memory Foam

June 29, 2021

After a hard day’s work, we all long to rest on a comfortable mattress and get charged for the next morning. A comfortable and well-suited mattress is an indispensable part of our modern lifestyles. These days due to their many benefits, memory foam mattresses are skyrocketing on the popularity charts. And here are the top 10 tips for buying one so that you get sound sleep every night.

1. Get to know about various types of Memory Foam - Do you know there are different kinds of memory foam to cater to your different requirements?

  • Traditional memory foam – People are most familiar with this type. It gives comfort to you by conforming to your body shape, improving circulation, and relieving pressure points.
  • Latex Foam – It is famous for its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic features. Go for it if you have dust allergies.
  • Gel memory foam – The gel crystals allow air circulation between them, so you remain cool and relaxed during your sleep. Best suited for places with hot climates.
2. Measure the different foam densities – Every type of density gives a different type of comfort, choose the one that does well with your sleeping pattern.
  • High-density memory foam – It is the most durable type, and will contour to your body shape and will relax your nerves giving you a sound sleep.
  • Medium-density memory foam –Due to its optimal motion-isolation feature, it is the best mattress if your partner sleeps with you. One’s turning and tossing won’t disturb the sleep of another.
  • Low-density memory foam – The foam is easy to break-in, and your body sinks in and adjusts to it in a few nights.
3. Decide on the thickness – The thicker mattresses are softer but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get comfortable on a thinner one. If you want a little firmness, opt for a one on the thinner side.

4. Consult your doctor
– Let your doctor examine you can tell you about the pain points that you need to take care of. Like shoulder pain, stiff muscles, etc.

5. Consider the option
of hypoallergenic Memory Foam – Millions of people suffer from allergies and they need to choose the right kind of mattress. For example, a gel foam mattress can prevent dust mites, and Latex is 100% hypo-allergic.

6. Pay attention to fabric quality –Check the skin-friendliness of the mattress fabric and see if it feels good against your skin.

7. Check the foundation of your bed frame
– Maybe your bed frame is not too sturdy to carry the weight of a memory foam mattress. It would be wise to buy a steel frame bed or a platform one.

8. Measure the bed size and height
– Buying a too small or too large mattress that doesn’t fit your bed is a sheer waste of money. Properly measure the dimensions of your bed so that you pick a mattress with the right size and height.

9. Decide
your budget bracket beforehand – We spend 1/3 of our day on our mattress. So please don’t just go for the cheapest mattress in the store. Decide on the maximum about you are willing to spend on your comfort sleep for the next decade. Make up your mind to pay a little extra for that sound sleep.

10. Scan various brands in the market
– Before zeroing down to one, scan many brands and see what they have to offer. This way you will get to choose from a wide number of options.

    We wish that you get the memory foam mattress that suits you best and gives you that cozy 8 hours sleep.