Spring Mattress with Memory Foam Buying Guide

June 23, 2021

Memory foam is topping the popularity charts, and if it gets combined with a spring base, you get a fabulous mattress product. These types of hybrid mattresses were invented by those who were not happy with pure foam or pure spring options. So, now the good thing is you don’t need to choose one at the cost of the other. We are here to erase all confusion, if any, regarding how to choose the best spring mattress with memory foam for your sleep sanctuary.

What are the features of Spring Mattress with Memory Foam?

  • Pocket Spring – Small springs are fitted between fabric pockets so that movement in a particular body part doesn’t spread throughout the mattress and disturb your partner. Proper motion isolation is achieved!
  • Hybrid benefit – You get the bounciness of the spring mattress and the body-contouring feature of the foam mattress.
  • Memory Foam – The foam density of the top layer strikes a balance between softness and firmness, and removed weight off your pressure points. It contours your body well and has a slow bounce back.

Buying Guide

These points will help you choose the right Spring Mattress with Memory Foam for your bed.

  1. Gel Memory Foam is cooler – If you live in a tropical zone, it will be best to go for Gel memory foam as it dissipates heat and keep you cooler during your sleep hours.
  2. Examine the mattress for jerk absorption capacity – You should visit the shop personally and physically check the mattresses for jerk handling features. Sit, lie, or toss on it, and judge the result for the mattress’s motion-isolation capacity.
  3. Decide on the foam thickness for your sleeping pattern - The thicker the mattress, the softer it is. This is best for side sleepers as it gives proper support to the shoulders and ankles. The medium-thickness mattress is a little firmer and works well for back sleepers. And thin memory foam mattress goes well for stomach sleepers as it supports their arches back.
  4. Choose the right foam density– If your partner tosses and turns during his/her sleep, choose medium-density foam for its optimal motion-isolation capacity. People opt for high-density foam for its durability factor. And if you are the one who feels comfortable with a mattress that easily adjusts to your body, then buy a low-density one.
  5. Opt for pocket-style springs – These types of spring coils are small in diameter and are independent of each other. They are encased with fabric between them that prevents motion transfer created by one body part to the other.
  6. Skin-friendly fabric – Touch, feel and sense the fabric against your skin to see how comfortable will it be for getting sound sleep at night. Organic fabrics are breathable, are super skin-friendly, and will keep you cool on hot summer nights.
  7. Hypoallergenic Memory Foam – Many people suffer from dust allergies, and if you or your partner are one of them do opt for this type of foam. The gel foam mattress will prevent dust- mites, and Latex is 100% hypo-allergic in nature.