Is There Any Specific Time Duration When We Must Replace Our Mattresses?

August 17, 2021

Sleep plays a critical role in overall health. Good quality of sleep promotes healing and brain functionality. It helps in processing emotions and memories and keeps the brain healthy.

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The mattress is one of the important elements that affect the quality of sleep. A comfortable and relaxing mattress allows people to avoid sleeping struggles and have a peaceful sleep at night.

This is why it is important to choose a high-quality mattress for your bedroom. Besides, purchasing a good mattress, you also have to replace your old mattress timely to avoid sleep difficulties.

Every mattress comes with a lifespan and you have to replace it after a time to maintain good health. However, most of the people keep using the same mattress for years as they can’t identify the right time to replace a mattress.

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Are you also using the same mattress for a long time? Do you need to replace it? When you must replace a mattress?

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Mattress

Here we have mentioned top things below that indicate that it is the right time to change your old mattress.

  1. It is 10+ years old:

The mattresses are only last for 10 years. So, if you have completed 10 years with your mattress or any specific lifespan, then it is the right time to replace it. Using a mattress for a long time can cause serious health issues for you and affect overall health as well.

  1. It is noticeably saggy or damaged:

Is it noticeably saggy or damaged? If yes, then you have to change your mattress immediately. A damaged or saggy mattress will not only affect your body posture during sleep but will also promote the growth of bacteria as well. It can cause muscle pain and respiratory or skin allergies. So, change your saggy mattress today.

  1. You find that you sleep better at hotels:

Do you sleep better at hotels? It is also a major indication that you have to replace your old mattress. Sometimes, you have to change your mattress after a time. No matter that it is damaged or not, it can affect your sleep. Replacing your mattress will improve your sleep quality effortlessly. 

  1. You regularly wake up with muscle pain:

If you wake up with muscle pain every morning, then it is an indication that you need to replace your mattress as soon as possible. The saggy and damaged mattress often affects the body posture and causes muscle pain. It can cause serious damage in the long run. So, replace your mattress to avoid body pain effectively.

  1. You notice an increase in allergies:

Are you experiencing more respiratory or skin allergies? It is also a sign to replace your old mattress. The presence of bacteria and germs on mattresses is increased dramatically after a time. No matter what you do to keep your mattress clean, you have to replace it after a time to avoid allergies and maintain good health.