How To Take Care Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

July 17, 2021

Taking good care of your memory foam mattress is of extreme importance especially if you want to use the same mattress for years. The memory foam mattresses are bulky and heavy. As a result, they require frequent rotating, cleaning and care. Otherwise, they will easily get damaged. So, here we are going to tell you how exactly you are going to take the best care of your memory foam mattresses: 

Care upon arrival: The most important care that you need to take of your mattress is as soon as it arrives at your house. Opening the mattress carefully is really important. If you are not careful then you may end up causing ki repairable damage to your mattress. Once you unpack your mattress, you will have to wait for the products to expand. 

After placing the mattress on your bed, you need to keep it isolated for at least two days so that the mattress is fully expanded. This will also eliminate unwanted odour from your mattress. You will also have to be really patient when it comes to airing out your foam mattresses. Most mattresses will come with an instruction manual that will explain to you how many hours you will have to let your mattress expand before you start using it regularly. 

Rotating your mattress: A memory foam mattress should never be flipped. Instead, it should be rotated every now and then. This will help to prevent depressions from developing in areas where there is a concentrated pressure point. In case you flip the mattress, the various layers of your mattress will be reversed. This will completely destroy the usefulness of the mattress. You can rotate your mattress at least once or twice a month. This will make sure that your mattress lasts longer and you also feel comfortable all the time. 

Wetting your mattress: You should try to avoid spilling any kind of liquid on the surface of the memory foam mattress. This is because it can damage the foam and also cause it to deteriorate quickly. You can also try using a mattress protector in order to prevent your mattress from getting wet. You should also try to change the mattress protector after a certain duration of time. 

Cleaning your mattress: You should also be quite particular about cleaning the mattress on a regular basis. Different memory foam mattresses have different ways of cleaning. You can go through the instruction manual to know which cleaning method you go for. You should only use a soft cleaning agent for cleaning your mattress. You should also clean it in such a way that it does not get much wet. You can also go for dry cleaning. 

And this is how you should take care of your memory foam mattress in order to give it very long service life. In case you have any further queries regarding how exactly you should be taking care of your memory foam mattress, you should get in touch with us.