How to Compress a Memory Foam Mattress at Home

March 19, 2022

Memory Foam Mattress

Good sleep is intrinsic to a well-balanced life. There’s hardly any good sleep enabler as effective as a memory foam mattress. This special type of mattress has the unique ability to conform to the contours of the sleeper’s body; not only providing supreme comfort but also firm body and spine support. The special making dampens motion tremors from spreading. Which means your partner will not be waking at your every turning from side to side. The best part being that this mattress springs back to its original form, once the sleeper rises – almost as if a ‘memory’ of its own.

While owning a memory foam mattress is a matter of pride and comfort, what does one do if one has to shift homes? Though these mattresses may seem large and unwieldy, they can easily be compressed at home. Read on for a step by step guide.

  1. Stowing in a mattress bag: One begins by stripping the mattress of all its fixtures/ fittings, keeping perhaps the protector only. The mattress is then stowed in a bag that creates a fitted seal over it. This bag helps protect the mattress from sharp objects, as also gathering unwanted dirt/ stains while the mattress is out of service or in transit.
  2. Secure the mattress using ratchet straps: These straps are easily available online and will tie down the mattress in place. On one hand they will secure the rolled mattress, on the other make carrying around even easier. As many straps should be used as necessary for a firm binding. One may also want to use some padding material at the junctions to prevent undesired strap impressions on the mattress.
  3. Vacuum sealing the mattress: This is achieved through a combination of vacuum bag valves and duct tapes. The idea is to create an air tight fit on the mattress bag, sealing all possible inlets/ outlets using duct tapes. The only vent being through the valve.
  4. Running the Vacuum Cleaner: This is the main step of the compression process. The vacuum cleaner is connected to the valve using the hose and left running to suck out the air inside the mattress and the bag it inside. As the air is vacuumed out, the outer pressure weighs down on the bag to effect a compression. To aid this process, one may also walk/ roll on the bagged mattress to force out all the air. The cleaner is kept running till all the air is drained out.
  5. Roll and secure: Once the mattress has compressed, it lends itself to being easily rolled and tied with more straps/ bands. Once rolled it can be moved around easily.

As is evident from the above, a memory mattress is a unique blend of comfort and convenience. Some of the best memory foam mattresses can be found at Not only do they provide various makes and customization options, but also a unique 100 night free trial. So, order from INOFIA and take the memory plunge!