Factors that will help you choose the best mattress

December 04, 2020

A mattress is not just another thing that you buy and place on your bed. A mattress is an experience. If a mattress is not suiting you or your sleeping posture, then your sleep will be drastically affected. This affected sleep will lead to behavioral changes in you, it will make you lazy and irritated, which will not just affect your life but the lives of people with whom you share your day with. So, having the right mattress for your bed and your good sleep is very important. The question though which arises is how do we select the best mattress. Here are a few factors that will help you choose the best mattress:

1-    Size:

The size of the mattress is a very big aspect that has to be considered while selecting and buying one. This is because in case you select a bigger size of the mattress then the mattress will hang from the edges, and while you are on the bed the mattress will give you an impression of a larger bed area, the problem will arise when one shifts towards the corner, the mattress would bend and the person on it might fall, which can lead to injuries. On the other hand, a smaller mattress would lead to exposed bedsides, which can lead to injuries too. So, one must know the correct mattress size for their bed.

2-    Comfort:

Many types of mattresses are available in the market. The wide variety of mattresses allow you to choose from the wide variety of comfort levels that these mattresses provide. The mattress can be stiff or soft, coiled, spring-type, or padded. Each having some different comfort characteristics. So, while you select the mattress you must select the mattress that suits you the best

size of the mattress

3-    Sleeping Position:

To narrow down the options to choose from one can select the type of mattress depending upon the sleeping positions of each individual. Some people sleep on their back, some on their stomach, side-ways, etc. Taking the example of people who sleep side-ways,  a plush mattress will be a more suitable option for them. So, the sleeping position becomes another deciding factor.

4-    Pain Type:

Mattresses are also differentiated based on the pain type they handle. These pain types are the different areas of the back where a person might have acute or chronic pain. It becomes very important for people with these pains that they select a mattress that suits their pain type. Else, the mattress might lead to the escalation of the pain which will lead to bad sleep quality.

5-    Temperature:

Temperature plays a very important role in your night sleep. A mattress and its temperature play a vital role in your sleep quality. Different mattresses have a very different temperature profile and this mostly depends on the type of material the mattress uses. For example, a well-cushioned soft mattress will give you a good warm sleep during the winters when the temperatures are low, but during summers can lead to a very warm sleeping experience, which is not right.

So, here are a few factors that are needed to be considered to choose the best mattress for you.