Difference between a pocket spring mattress and memory foam

June 12, 2021

Are you eager to get a mattress for yourself? Not sure what type of mattress you should get for yourself? Well, a pocket spring mattress and a foam mattress are two different types of mattresses. They have different primary materials and their characteristics are also different. So, let us have a look at what these mattresses are all about and which kind of mattress you should choose for yourself. 

What are pocket spring mattresses?

Pocket spring mattresses have individual springs that are inserted in cotton pockets. The pockets will then properly stitch to one another. The pockets are not interconnected by any kind of materials. The main advantage of opting for this kind of mattress is that the individual spring has the full flexibility of moving around independently. This can give the person a lot of comforts. These mattresses are also motion control mattresses as the coils freely move around. They also have added layers of foam to provide relief to people lying on the mattress.

What are memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are made using multiple layers of foam of different materials.  

However, at least a few layers will be made of memory foam. If you are a side sleeper, then you would prefer a memory foam mattress because the person who is sleeping on the side of the mattress is soft on the mattress. In this way, the shoulders and waist of the person will be well supported. The foam mattresses will meet all the sleeping requirements of the people. They also have the capability to reduce movement so that even if you roll at night, your partner will not get disturbed. Some memory foam mattresses also have the ability to respond to changes in body temperature.

Pocket spring mattress vs foam mattress: Material used

Pocket spring mattresses are mostly made of tungsten carbide. There are two different layers: a top layer and s bottom layer. The mattress is mainly covered by quilted fabric materials. The coils are made of tungsten carbide of good quality.

Memory foam mattresses are made of different layers of foam. Out of these, one layer is made of a foam mattress. The mattress will then be covered by fabric material to provide the sleepers with extra comfort.

Pocket spring mattress vs foam mattress: Comfort

When it comes to pocket spring mattresses, the pressure on one particular side of the mattress will not be saved on the other side. These kinds of mattresses are soft in the body. They are also made of good quality material as a result of which you will not be able to feel the spring on your body.

The memory foam mattresses provide added comfort. They are also made of really good foam. Proper support is provided to your body. You will also be able to roll around the bed without disturbing the other.

Pocket spring mattress vs foam mattress: Strength

For pocket spring mattresses, the coils are mainly made of tungsten carbide. They also have a thick foam layer on top so that the coils are not felt on the body. The fabric is nicely stitched which makes them highly durable.

Memory foam mattresses are made of several layers of foam. This makes them extremely durable. The stitching of fabric is also done in an excellent way. You can use your mattress for at least 10 to 12 years without requiring any maintenance.

So, these were some of the differences between a pocket spring mattress and memory foam. In case you have any other points to add, do let us know of them.