Before you buy a mattress, think about these seven things

May 11, 2021

mattress plays an important role in maintaining your sleep mechanism, mental health, and physical activities. So, choosing the right fit is a crucial thing as you spend 1/3 of your day in its comfort.

Here are 7 things to think about before buying a mattress that feels good for you and your partner-

  • Size and height required – You need to measure the length and breadth of your bed accurately before starting your search. Your bed can be king, queen, single, or California King Size, and you can choose the size that aligns with the structure of your bed. If your bed is of lower height, you have the option of choosing a very thick mattress to level it up.
  • Sleeping Patterns of you and your partner – The sleeping pattern is a very important parameter to consider before buying a mattress. See if you and your partner are which type of sleepers – back, stomach or side. Memory form mattresses give the required support to the spine’s natural curve. And to avoid the body from sink-in and cause back pain, the firm innerspring mattress suits the best for stomach sleepers. Maybe you and your partner have different sleeping styles, so a hybrid mattress with an innerspring and form layer on top will be soft and firm at the same time.
  • Medical Conditions – Check with your doctor you any paint or allergy. See if both of you any ailment such as neck or back pain, are allergic to dust, etc. A mattress should provide you the necessary comfort so that your body is relaxed after a hard day and improves your health. A memory foam mattress is good for getting relief from pain and dust.
  • Temperature of your city – If you live in a hotter place you would require a mattress that is good in air circulation and keeps you cool all night. An innerspring coil mattress has space in-between the springs for air circulation that will ease out your body heat. On the other side, the viscoelastic technology-driven memory foam mattress uses your body heat to give you a warm cozy feel in chilling climates.
  • Adjustability – This means having a mattress that supports varying needs. Some people would like to have the freedom to adjust the mattress from time to time to suit their divergent needs. Like their bed has a feature of adjusting to different types of inclines, or they would like to increase or decrease the firmness of the mattress from time to time. All this can be fulfilled by opting for an air mattress that can be pumped to various levels of firmness.
  • Material used – Do check properly the material of the mattress, and if it will be comfortable against your skin. If you have allergies to synthetic fibers, you should opt for mattresses made from eco-friendly organic materials.
  • Level of motion transfer – Your partner may be the person who tosses and turns around during his/her sleep, so ideally you need a mattress that has minimal motion transfer.

Do good market research, ask previous buyers for reviews, and do ask for a risk-free trial period and self-test it before buying.