10 Ways You Can Make Your Tri-fold Mattress Last Longer

June 03, 2022

Simply buying a mattress is not enough. You need to make sure that you take good care of your mattress so that it lasts for a longer duration of time and also provides you with a comfortable sleep at night. So, here we will discuss a few tips and tricks by which you can protect your purchased mattress for a longer period and get a good night's sleep regularly.

Use a mattress protector:

When you invest a decent amount on a mattress, you should always use a mattress protector. It will protect the mattress from bacteria, fungus dirt stains, and all kinds of things that can damage it. 

Keep the mattress in an appropriate position:

When you keep your mattress on the bed or any other location, make sure the foundation is firm enough because keeping a mattress in the right position will keep its shape better for a longer time. 

No pets on the mattress:

Get your pet a different bed, don't let them slip into your bed. Because they will jump on the mattress, scratch the mattress, shed fur and probably drool on the mattress. All this will not be good for the mattress. So, it's better to get them their own bed. 

Avoid eating on the bed:

Don't drink or eat on the bed, because it's very much possible that you spill on the bed and children spill all the time. The spilled food will attract ants and cockroaches to your mattress which will lead to bed bugs.

Clean the bedspread:

Cleaning the bedspread regularly will keep your mattress clean as well. So, keeping the bacteria fungi dust dirt away from your bed means a better mattress.

Check the manufacturer's instructions to clean the mattress:

Read those instructions that come with the mattress and clean your mattress once in a while. It will keep away the bed bugs.

Allow the mattress to absorb proper sunlight:

If you have a window near your bed, then it's good to have sunlight once in a while. It keeps the bed damp proof and doesn't let the bacteria or fungi grow inside the mattress and keeps the bad odour away. 

No jumping on the bed:

Kids always tend to do that, but you have to forbid them from doing it. Otherwise, the mattress will lose its shape and will be saggy. 

Keep your bed clean:

Your bed is meant for sleeping. So, use the bed only for sleeping. Otherwise, it will be messy and the mattress will get dirty. 

Move your mattress carefully:

Your mattress needs a flip and rotates once in a while. So, when you do so, handle it carefully so that no damage comes upon it.


Buying a product is easier but maintaining it properly is not. So, when you are buying a mattress, make sure you are keeping it properly. Otherwise, it will be damaged before time and you will end up wasting a lot of money.