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Inofia 6 & 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Made in USA


Product Details

  • Relieve Body Pain---Inofia foam mattress has a soft and comfortable memory foam that fits your body, and an high elastic sponge that provides support to prevent sagging. It is very suitable for people cannot fall asleep because of physical pain. Inofia will keep all your sleeping positions comfortable.

  • Comfortable and Cool Sleeping---Inofia memory foam mattress come with a stretch knit fabrics and beautiful patterns cover. The fabric of cover is very soft, skin-friendly, will not make your skin feel unwell . Inofia memory foam mattress has larger vents, it can speed up the flow of air and remove excess heat quickly, keep a cool sleeping for you. It can absorb sweat quickly, bring you a comfortable sleeping.

  • Warranty & Guaranty---Sleeping preferences vary from person to person, and it takes time to decide if a new mattress is right for you, so each Inofia mattress comes with a 101 hassle-free Night Sleep Trial. Besides, our warranty covers all manufacturing defects: sagging, dips, waves, bumps, and decompression issues. Any question is welcome!


We Promise

Each product supplied by Inofia is undoubtedly free of risk. Our confidence in the authenticity of our products is demonstrated in several ways;

Why Inofia?

Inofia mattress brings you health, comfort and good sleep quality

Inofia Mattress



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Mattress Size Guidelines

Twin: 75*39*6 Inch; Approx. 28 lbs; 75*39*8 Inch; Approx. 35 lbs;

Full: 75*54*6 Inch; Approx. 37 lbs; 75*54*8 Inch; Approx. 46 lbs;

Queen: 80*60*6 Inch; Approx. 43 lbs; 80*60*8 Inch; Approx. 54 lbs; 

Packing: Rolled and Vacuum Packed Mattress Size

6 Inch Twin: 11*11*41 Inch; 8 Inch Twin: 12*12*41 Inch;

6 Inch Full: 13*13*39 Inch; 8 Inch Full: 14*14*39 Inch;

6 Inch Queen: 15*15*42 Inch; 8 Inch Queen: 15*15*42 Inch; 

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