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Inofia Twin Mattress Topper, with Cooling Breathable & Removable Tencel Cover, Twin


Product Details

  • Supports your shoulders, back and hip, allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position, relaxing your muscles and reducing morning aches and pains, helping you enjoy a good sleep and to be energetic in a new day!

  • Whether you prefer to sleep on your belly, your back, or if you are a side sleeper, our foam mattress topper is for you.

  • Our foam bed topper adds the perfect mixture of medium softness and support to your existing mattress.It indeed will give your mattress a new life !

We Promise

Each product supplied by Inofia is undoubtedly free of risk. Our confidence in the authenticity of our products is demonstrated in several ways;

Product Description

Mattress topper can be a very affordable option in many cases. Your existing mattress is too hard or has a damaged surface. You moved into a newly rented house, taking into account health issues and a limited budget for replacing new mattresses. Inofia topper contains 2.5 inches of memory cotton to help you solve this problem perfectly.

Inofia 8 Inch Twin Size Mattress

Size Guide

Twin 74.8" x 39" x 2.4"

Twin XL 80" x 39" x 2.4"

Full 74.8" x 53.9" x 2.4"

Queen 80" x 60" x 2.5"

King 80" x 76" x 2.5"

Easy to Set-up

1. Place box onto a flat surface in your bedroom and carefully pull mattress out.

2. Use the special case unpacker attached in the package. Do not use other knife or scissors in case of damage. Roll out the compressed mattress onto a clean flat surface.

3. Allow up to 72 hours for expansion to original shape and dissipate the odor.

4. Put the mattress on your bed and have a good night of sleep.  

Shipment & Warranty

Rolled and packaged in a box for easy delivery and setup.please allow couple of days to allow it "break in" and fit your mattress perfectly. all the mattress topper from Inofia includes 100 nights free trial and 3 years warranty.please feel free to contact us if you you have any problems.

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